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Auctionplus Plus-AG

What is Auctionplus Plus-AG?
Auctionplus Plus-AG is the world’s ag-tech community that enable Farmers, Stock Houses and Agents to efficiently trade cattle (including Cows. Pigs, Goat, Camel etc).
Auctionplus Plus-AG is fast, secure and very easy-to-use, allowing the whole agriculture sector to trade in a highly efficient manner, enabling access to new markets, lower costs of sale and delivering better outcomes for the Farmer.

Farmers / Cattle Producers

Enter the details of the financial assets you wish to sell and complete 2 simple online forms


either place a request to Buy a particular asset or search the Auctionplus Plus-AG auction Community.

Place Asset Requests

Auctionplus Plus-AG will match
your cattle requirments against established Farmers

Matching / Auction

Auctionplus Plus-AG performs matching between Farmers / Agents / Stock houses and large buyers. Additonally Agents / Producers / Farmers and large Buyers can do an manual search of their requirments.

Select Their Preferred Cattle

Buyers select their prefered cattle and complete the transaction. Auctionplus Plus-AG also enalbe Agents and Certified Professionals to report on the Cattle priot to be sold – these reports are available for downloadikng by Buyer and Agents.

If you are looking to place Cattle for sale
If you are looking to purchase cattle

Auctionplus Plus-AG

What type of Cattle & Agriculture assets can be traded in Auctionplus Plus-AG?

Auctionplus Plus-AG currently works with Producers in Cattle, Pigs, Goats and Camel. We plan to bring on new food groups soon subject to demand and industry sponsorship.

Who can use Auctionplus Plus-AG?

Auctionplus Plus-AG has strict eligibility criteria to become a registered user in our Community. Users may be an individual or a legal entity. Farmer, Agent, Cattle Market or large buyer

Using Auctionplus Plus-AG?

Auctionplus Plus-AG does not enforce prices, the Auctionplus Plus-AG Community provides an anonymous listing service for our community of buyers and sellers.

The Auctionplus Plus-AG Community provides independent cattle reports to help with any buying and selling of cattle.

Auctionplus Plus-AG Fees?

Auctionplus Plus-AG charges as follows;

  1. 1. Sellers: a small fee for listing each asset ($25 per lot / listing)
  2. 2. Producers & Buyers: each pay a 1% fee (based on a successful transaction value)
  3. 3. Buyers and Sellers can also buy cattle reports in the form of downloadable e-material for a charge of $10 per cattle report.

Is Auctionplus Plus-AG discrete?

Absolutely! Auctionplus Plus-AG is an ag-tech Community where its member’s details are not published. The only time a member obtains the identity of the other party is when they have transacted with each other or via their respective Agent..

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