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Terms and Condition


I declare that I have read and understood the Teys Australia Vendor Animal Welfare Requirements and agree to abide by these standards for all cattle consigned to Teys Australia (tick if correct). CATTLE CONSIGNED TO: (MARK DESTINATION) Teys Australia Beenleigh Pty Ltd (ABN 97009672459)  Teys  Australia Southern (ABN 53084034695) (each “The Buyer”)  CONDAMINE  SANDALWOOD  JINDALEE  ASSOCIATED CHARLTON LADYSMITH Shrink Percentage:  %  HGP Treated?   Yes   No Type Date Given Bovilis MH+IBR Treated?  Yes   No  Teys Aust Bovilis or Vendors own?  Date treated Batch No. Exp. Date Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB) Designated Supplier?  Yes   No  The animals consigned are vendor bred (tick if correct).    The Livestock listed have been in my possession for 60 (sixty) days or more (tick if correct). Heifers consigned have been preg-tested by a Veterinarian (tick if correct). For EU heifers only: These cattle have not previously calved (tick if correct). 

CARRIER Name Payment & Recipient created tax invoice to be made to Vendor / Agent / Bank  Deduct transaction levy?   Yes   No   Vendor to arrange transport and pay freight   AGENT:

Teys Australia pays freight  BSB: Account Number:

Teys Australia pays & deducts from Vendor Agents Email:

 ABN  of Entity to be Invoiced  Condamine cattle deliveries – Wednesday & Thursday 7.00am to 4.00pm. Cattle processed Thursdays and Fridays. Jindalee cattle deliveries – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 7.00am to 2.00pm. Cattle processed Tuesdays & Wednesdays (also Thursdays when required). Associated cattle deliveries – Monday & Tuesday 7.00am to 2.00pm. Cattle processed Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Ladysmith cattle deliveries – Monday & Tuesday 7.00am to 2.00pm. Cattle processed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Charlton cattle deliveries – Monday & Wednesday 7.00am to 4.00pm. Cattle processed Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Curfews all cattle weighed at feedlot are subject to percentage shrink subject to distance traveled(Please see applicable feeder grid) and all cattle privately weighed are subject to percentage shrink (except on 12 hour curfew held in weighing area). Payment is made to the above vendor within 12 days of processing. Unsound cattle are on the basis of owners risk. Owners risk means that the sale and payment by the buyer for the cattle is conditional and the buyer will not be required to make payment to the vendor for the cattle. NLIS($20/tag for missing tags). All heifers are to be PTE (pregnancy tested empty) prior to entering the feedlot. Deductions may apply to heifers found to be in calf. The Vendor / Authorized person warrants that stock listed on this agreement are free from Mortgage or any Encumbrance. This contract is subject to the deduction of livestock slaughter levy in accordance with The Cattle Transaction Act 1990. The Vendor/Supplier gives it's permission and has requested The Buyer to issue recipient created tax invoices for Supplies the Vendor / Supplier makes in this agreement and the Vendor/Supplier confirms that they are registered for GST and will not issue a taxable invoice for the transaction.  Recipient Created Tax Invoices will not be issued when any of the RCTI requirements are no longer met. The Buyer is registered for GST and will advise Vendor/Suppliers when it ceases to be registered for GST. The sale is subject to the vendor being LPA accredited or provisionally accredited  and provide us with an LPA National Vendor Declaration. All cattle must have an NLIS device (Rumen bolus cattle will not be excepted). Prior to entering into an agreement for the delivery of the livestock purchased under this agreement by The Buyer, the Vendor warrants it has made reasonable inquiries with carrier and is satisfied that the carrier has in place systems that take all reasonable steps to minimize the risk of a breach of heavy vehicle fatigue management laws. The Vendor is responsible for arranging transport for the livestock unless otherwise agreed in writing.  The Vendor agrees that any transport agreement entered into with the carrier will not cause, or be reasonably likely to cause, a breach of heavy vehicle fatigue management laws.  The Vendor agrees to immediately notify The Buyer if any transport arrangement will cause or is reasonably likely to cause a breach of heavy vehicle fatigue management laws.  In circumstances where a transport agreement will or is reasonably likely to cause a breach of heavy vehicle fatigue management laws, the Vendor must make alternative arrangements with its carrier and, if required to avoid such a breach, amend the delivery times for the livestock in consultation with The Buyer. Trucks exceeding applicable mass limits by more than 5% will be rejected. By signing below both The Buyer and the seller agree to be bound by this contract, except where the performance by the buyer of any obligation under this Agreement is prevented by reason of an event of Force Majeure, then the buyer will be excused from and will not be liable for failure in performance of that obligation to the extent that performance is so prevented.  Force Majeure means any event or circumstance not within the control of The Buyer and which by the exercise of reasonable skill and care but excluding any measures which are not economically feasible The Buyer is not able to prevent or overcome. Copy of privacy disclosure statement is available by request at Head Office or on the Teys Australia website. 


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